Divestment Coalition Resolution

Whereas: The Tampa Bay Divestment Coalition (Coalition) was formed by human, civil, treaty and environmental organizations in the Tampa Bay, Florida metropolitan area, and 

Whereas: The Florida Indigenous Rights and Environmental Equality (FIREE) hosted the first meeting of the Tampa Bay Divestment Coalition on May 21, 2017, and

Whereas: The Treaty and sovereign rights of Indigenous peoples have been violated and exploited for centuries to secure resource extraction and profit without the consent or consideration for the Indigenous peoples-most recently exemplified by the Dakota Access Pipeline and currently exemplified by the Keystone XL Pipeline, Line 3, Kinder-Morgan, Diamond, Trans-Pecos, oil exploration in Big Cypress and other projects on or near Indigenous Lands, and

Whereas: The quality of potable water in the United States and the State of Florida is at risk. Flint, MI for several years has suffered without quality drinking water, the Dineh Nation has suffered without quality drinking water. The Ogallala Aquifer provides potable water to much of the upper plains states, and is in imminent danger from both the DAPL and Keystone XL. In Florida, the Everglades suffers from acute Mercury contamination, Lake Okeechobee is inundated with algae, the Biscayne Aquifer faces imminent threat from the Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plants cooling tanks, the Florida Aquifer faces threats from the Sabal Trail Pipeline and proposed fracking in various parts of Florida, and

Whereas: The extraction of energy resources is profitable and funded by almost all of the major Banks in the United States who invest deposits into these resource extraction projects as an investment hoping to gain a significant share of the profits of the sale of the extracted energy resource, and

Whereas: Some of these banks, notably Wells Fargo, have a long history of funding genocide against Indigenous Peoples. Wells Fargo provided bounties for the killing of Indigenous peoples in the late 1800s, Wells Fargo financed much of the genocide committed against the Indigenous peoples in California, and 

Whereas: Municipalities, County, and State government agencies are funded through the tax revenue (both Ad Valorem, Sales and other) paid by the citizens of their jurisdiction, and 

Whereas; Governmental bodies therefore use our money to finance investments in resource extraction and place their funds in the aforementioned banks which may use that money to fund resource extraction. And: Whereas: FIREE formed the Tampa Bay Divestment Coalition to address this unjust use of our money with our governmental agencies in the Tampa Bay area to ensure they divest their funds from being used to finance or profit from resource extractions which may cause direct harm to people or the Earth and shall ensure the integrity of the water for future generations,

Now Therefore Be It Resolved; We the undersigned participants in the Tampa Bay Divestment Coalition vow to individually and collectively work towards the elimination by tax payer funded agencies, of/by investment or deposit, of/by tax payer funds  in resource extractions which in any way, directly or indirectly, violate human, civil, treaty rights or cause directly or indirectly potential harm to the Earth.