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Florida Environmental Concerns

WARNING sign: Surface Water Contamination Beach Area St. Petersburg, FL

In accordance with our Mission, FIREE is actively working to bring awareness of the effects of non-renewable energy on our communities. Here you will find information about pipeline projects, water pollution concerns, habitat destruction and climate change issues.

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Indigenous Peoples


Learn about the First Nations of Turtle Island; their histories, cultures and current issues today. How our environmental practices impact these and other communities.

Indigenous Issues

Civic Divestment


FIREE is coordinating the Tampa Bay Divestment Coalition to encourage local governments to divest from pipeline projects. Removing local government financial ties to banks that fund pipelines (and other irresponsible projects) sends a strong message to corporations and will help steer us toward a sustainable future.

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Targeted Personal Banking


What does your money say for you? Are you invested in sustainable, socially responsible projects? Learn about banks and credit unions that support your sensibilities

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Targeted Personal Banking

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